Sadly, it’s time for lights out.

A couple of years ago, a few members of the Planning Center team had the idea to make a page where churches could find featured artists for their services. A couple weeks later, Spotlight was launched.

As a side project, it was well received, but didn't make a big enough splash to warrant much of our attention. In addition, at its launch, Planning Center as a whole hadn't expanded to be a complete Church Management System, providing apps for all ministries in the church. We soon became fully invested in that new strategy, and unfortunately Spotlight just didn't quite fit in.

Since it was functioning well, there wasn't a good reason to make any decisions about Spotlight. But now, technology has advanced, as has Planning Center's entire infrastructure. We're at the point where we would need to put considerable time and effort into upgrading its security and moving it to our new servers. Doing that would take too much time away from our main focus, and as a result, we're sadly announcing the end of Planning Center Spotlight.

We hope that Spotlight has helped you make more connections, and that you'll continue to find ways to expand your ministry. We truly wish you the best and thank you for using Spotlight.